About Legend Star Union

Founded by Legend Star in 2011, Legend Star Union, composed mainly of companies invested in and incubated by Legend Star (“Star Friends” for short), serves as a platform for member firms to innovate, start up businesses, grow, and develop together.
Guided by its honorary chairman Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, Legend Star Union currently operates under the leadership of the fourth council, with Mr. Wang Mingyao, general manager and managing partner of Legend Star, as chairman, and Mr. Zhao Zhitong as vice-chairman and secretary general.
Legend Star Union organizes meaningful diversified activities through its many sub-divisions of “Star Friends”; meanwhile, as Legend Star’s channel for cooperation, Legend Star Union also brings in investment institutions and service organizations for startups as well as experts to work with entrepreneurs for their common dream.
Products of Legend Star Union include “WILL Conference,” “Gobi March of Entrepreneurs,” “Venture Capital Fund for Star Friends,” “Star Director Board,” etc. A total of over 400 meaningful diversified activities of considerable scale and prestige have been held, and participated in by over 20,000 entrepreneurs.
Among the member companies of Legend Star Union, 39 have gone public,  and at least 320 of them have been valued at over USD 100 million respectively; Legend Star Union member businesses have reached a total value of over RMB 1100 billion, generated finance over RMB 320 billion, and created more than 260,000 jobs; Legend Star Union member businesses have business presence in national strategic emerging industries, including biological technologies, energy conservation and environment protection, new energy, new material, and cloud computing, among others.